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Neighbors in your community

good for citizens
Neighbors™ provides regular, timely local news that’s not covered in other publications or media. Neighbors™ focuses on a community’s “good news” and reflects the pride of the neighborhood. It’s a way for all community organizations to communicate with all the citizens.

good for government
Neighbors™ gives a whole new meaning to “city newsletter.” Neighbors™ delivers a quality presentation of city news with regular, on-time distribution. Because city staff no longer have the burden of production, costs are reduced and time is saved.

good for chamber
Neighbors™ supports Chamber members and promotes Chamber activities and resources. The vital working relationship between a city and its Chamber of Commerce is enhanced.

good for merchants
Neighbors™ provides a unique advertising opportunity. Local businesses are exposed to the community on a regular basis and positioned in their best light. Each issue promotes the support of community business and encourages merchant loyalty.

good for groups
Neighbors™ gives broader support of the programs for fire and police departments, park district, library and school districts. It encourages participation in their activities and provides a means for the community to speak with one voice.

good for volunteers
Neighbors™ ’ regular editorial coverage and calendar listings for groups like the Rotary, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts, Woman’s Clubs etc. are unique ways for these organizations to speak to the entire community instead of just their members.

good for visitors
Neighbors™ promotes the best that a community has to offer and demonstrates why the community is a good place to live by reflecting those “good neighbor” qualities.

good for everyone
There are plenty of places to get the bad news. Neighbors™ delivers all of the good news.