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What is Neighbors?
Neighbors™ is a high-quality publication and communications strategy dedicated to “bringing a community together.” Published professionally by Emerald Marketing, Inc., Neighbors™ supports all the organizations that make up a community (city government, school districts, park district, library, chamber of commerce, et al).

Who is it for?
Neighbors™ is designed for any community that works well together.

What's so different?
The community “owns” a piece of the content, but the publisher does all of the work! You get the best of both worlds—a high quality publication that reflects your community in the best possible light, without the headaches of production.
Published 6 times a year, Neighbors™ focuses on the “Good News” in a community and makes sure it‘s delivered to every household.
Professional publishing ensures the highest quality product.
Our staff is in place and trained in the production of a high-quality community publication. We help you avoid favoritism and stay focused on what’s best for the whole community. We make a schedule and stick to it every time.
We do it all: we gather the news, sell the ads, put the magazine together, get it printed and even handle the distribution.

Who is Emerald Marketing?
Emerald Marketing, Inc. is a full-service marketing communications firm established in 1979. We have over 20 years of publishing experience as a corporation, a nationally recognized, award winning creative department, and experienced editors with advanced degrees in journalism. Our accomplished creative staff can help local businesses put out great advertising.

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